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Title:European Pure Fresh Royal Jelly
Category:Fitness Health: Diet and Nutrition
Description:WBUK Logo Est. 2011 Secured by PayPal How PayPal Works For Customer Reassurance we use PayPal for all transactions including Debit/Credit Card payments. All transactions are secure and guaranteed. Pure Fresh Royal Jelly Skillfully Harvested in Bulgaria Quality Certifications In Partnership ​with Royal Bees Home Page ​10 Great Reasons to buy: 'Reviewed by the Mail on Sunday as the best in the UK' Europe's Most Potent - 2.5% 10-HDA​ Buy 2x50g (100g) Jars Save £6 ​​Buy 4x50g (200g) Jars Save £18​ ​Save Over £300 when purchasing 1KG Organically Certified ​High Source of Protein Sent with Ice Packs, Large Heat Protective Packaging + Free Next Day Delivery ​Absolutely no additives, preservatives or contaminents...ever!​ ​Light and UV Resistant Glass Jar Exclusive to Well Bee-ing UK​ Ltd 50g Royal Jelly Jar 50g Fresh Royal Jelly Produced with 100 Years of Family Expertise WBUK are a small family business located in Lancashire UK, established in 2011. We retail royal jelly and other honey bee products all over the world. Our family in Bulgaria own one of the oldest (est. 1909) and highly respected Honey Bee Farms in Europe. ​We harvest using a combination of knowledge and expertise passed down by a century of our family generations. We expose our bees to feed on the best diverse flora from the Vitosha mountain. To yeild the finest product, we use world class state-of-the-art extraction techniques in a carefully controlled, sterile environment. It is then frozen and stored on the day of harvesting. ​Royal jelly is made by hard working Honey Bees (latin name: apis mellifera rodopica) that are native to Bulgaria, which is the most bio diverse country in Europe. Our hives are located in stunning countryside at the base of Bulgarian mountains far away from pollution or pesticides. Honey Bees are the best pollen and nectar collectors in the world and the wide variety of the best flora gives our little hard working bees the best pick of the crop; influencing the quality.
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Meta Description:Pure Royal Jelly: fresh food of the Queen Bee. Harvested in Europe, organic, bursting with vitamins and a high source of protein | WBUK.
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